Fantage Ice Cream

Tuesday, April 27


As you can probably see, I made a new blog. Heres the link: . Plz visit! Gbug99 and darianna25 are both authors with me. We only have 2 hits (from gbug and darianna when they first visited).... And this blog will be deleted tomorrow. Thx for giving this blog hits, But Fantage Cake will be bigger and better.

Sunday, April 25


Ok, so you have probably noticed that ive been going back and forth about this blog..... This is final. Yes, Im not going to use this blog anymore. Im moving to wordpress. I am going to delete this blog once I move.


Wednesday, April 21


I'm going to post the Fantage Font up: Heres the link:  I have also decided that Im going to keep doing this blog... I am still doing fantage sunset and fantage cats and dogs but i will be on this one the most! I am going to be re-doing the Recolor and Picture page.... I might put the picture page on its own and add moving pictures to the recolor page... idk Im still thinking about it...

Tuesday, April 20

Moving Pictures

I Finally found out how to make moving pictures!! Lol im not telling but email me your user and pass and I will make you one. I promise that you will not be hacked, But if you are, I will give you my account. It wont show the moving pictures on here, But go into this link: and you will see them! This is going to be one of my last few posts... Sorry for quitting but I think I can make Fantage Sunsets (the link up there^ ) much much better...


Ok...So yup. Im quitting this blog. But I am still an author on Fantage Cats and Dogs AND Im in the making of a blog. All Im saying is that it is still am doing a Fantage blog. I'll give you the address once I  have made it more fun... Its really boring right now.

Sunday, April 18

New Blog

 Me and gbug just made a new blog. If you want to see it here's the link:
FantageCatsAndDogs. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 17

Member Page

I will be making a member page soon. Now only members can enter the contest and can be Ice Cream Eater. Email me with a picture of ur avatar with A white background. If there isnt a white background I cant use it.Oh and I just figured out that Fantage is from the creators of Club Penguin... No wonder its starting to seem like it. Ugh!


Almost forgot! Par-tay is still on tomorrow! Here's the info you will need!

When: Sunday, April 18.
Time: 7:00 est time.
Where: Scarlet Starfish, Downtown.
Why: It was because of 100 hits, But now it is because of 200 hits!!

 Be there or DIE!

 Hehe, ^Very Dramatic^